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Carrera C - Fans X series gear motor adopts unique patent design:
+ the exclusive new practical patent design special reducer motor;
+ high torque, low noise, long life;
+ special reinforced double row circular cone roller bearings, also can bear larger radial force and two direction
The axial force, put an end to eccentric wear, oil spills, and avoid the vibration to which emergency rev. Stop damage reducer
Within the gear;
+ whole optimization design, special oil spill prevention design;
+ gear precision grinding technology and special improved processing, improve the bearing capacity to reduce noise prolonged use


+ adopts complete set after a carrera certification body, spare parts, fine workmanship, high quality security
+ electric control system is composed of the following parts: Toshiba inverter, air circuit breaker, three gears switch;
+ Toshiba is the inventor of the frequency conversion technology and the patent holder, the strength of the frequency converter is well known in the industry, its main
To performance characteristics are as follows:
A, sine PWM control Pulse Width Modulation), frequency stability, the output voltage precision, fine
Management, efficiency:
B, strong torque - 60 s 150%, maximum torque 1 hz - 200%;
C, configure the Modbus rs485 communication interface, with special PCM software, which can realize powerful
The network/communication function;
D, using the improved coating circuit board; Down the wiring design reduce dust accumulation; Optimize the internal knot
Structure design, the realization of 55 degrees without fall let run; The structure design of new cooling completely prevent dust in frequency conversion
Implement internal accumulation; Adopted the following IEC60721-3-1 and 60721-3-3 specifications of design;


6082 + material, 1600 t hot forging - high strength lightweight alloy, ensure the continuity of metal fibre, flow
Line complete, realizes the chassis good mechanical properties;
+ CNC precision machining, assembly accuracy control, plus or minus 10 microns, ensure the chassis of the precise dynamic balance;


Security system
1, the upper guard ring: fixed on the top of the chassis, the chassis and the expansion of reducer output shaft connection set loose,
Support to avoid the guard ring can be directly hung in the chassis and fixed on the chassis of blades to fall.
2, lower protection ring: support at the bottom of the chassis by high strength bolt fixed on the reducer output shaft,
Prevent chassis fall due to metal fatigue fracture, fully guarantee the safe operation of the product.
3, double blades insurance circles: the blades with high strength bolts through transmission plug-in and chassis together, again
Through the two layers of steel insurance circles both inside and outside, will all blades together is tight, guarantee the blades do not fall under any circumstances, fully guarantee the product safety.
4, fasteners, high strength bolt, the locking washer and Thai threaded plastic double locking measures, firmly locked permanently.
5, multiple wire protection: four suspension rope, two vertical pull wire, strain 1000 kg each damage, pairs of nodes


The aerodynamic design of blades and tail blades
+ speed streamline airfoil surface laminating, optimization design of high area, improve the efficiency of energy conversion;
Plus, the aerodynamics design of engineering.
Air + magnesium aluminum unibody, high strength, light weight. Pensu processing, surface corrosion resistance to oxidation
Life is long;
+ blade inside two columns through type reinforcing rib support, greatly strengthened the strength and stiffness of blades. The biggest
Degree avoid drooping leaf end and fatigue damage.
The tail
Plus, the aerodynamics design of engineering.
+ engineering plastics molding, high strength, long life, beautiful and deformation.



H steel structure

Carrera C-Fans X series provide different installation options for different conditions. As shown in picture.

O steel structure

Carrera C-Fans X series provide different installation options for different conditions. As shown in picture.

concrete beam

Carrera C-Fans X series provide different installation options for different conditions. As shown in picture.



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